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Raqqa liberated from ISIS: 'My city is now ruined and burned down'
34 MINS AGO - After the liberation of Raqqa, the question is who the city will rebuild, and who will rule Expand
A better library can change a child's life
4 HRS AGO - In 1999, Rebecca Constantino began doing a study at schools across Los Angeles.
The FA fiasco shows that even non-racists can do racist things | Nesrine Malik
4 HRS AGO - England manager Mark Sampson’s treatment of Eni Aluko was wrong. Not everyone who has problematic Expand
The Guardian view on internet security: complexity is vulnerable | Editorial
4 HRS AGO - A huge weakness in wifi security erodes online privacy. But the real challenge is designing with Expand
Meet Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand's youngest female prime minister
6 HRS AGO - Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern is set to become New Zealand's next prime minister, nearly Expand
7 HRS AGO - For 32 years, Mariuma Ben Yosef's organization, the Shanti House, has provided a temporary home Expand
7 HRS AGO - In Cape Town, South Africa's largest township, Rosie Mashale and her group care for orphaned, Expand
Report: Model accuses David Blaine of rape
1 HR AGO - Scotland Yard is investigating after a model came forward, accusing David Blaine of rape. Natasha Expand
Independence crisis intensifies as Spain prepares to strip Catalonia of local powers
3 HRS AGO - Fear, anger and anxiety heightened on both sides of a secession divide as the Spanish government Expand
Driven by unrest and violence, Venezuelans are fleeing their country by the thousands
4 HRS AGO - As many as 500,000 Venezuelans have fled their country in the last two years - an exodus triggered Expand
4 HRS AGO - While the defeat is important, says Shiraz Maher of the Intl. Center for the Study of Expand
In Catalonia and Spain we’re all asking: what have we done to deserve this? | Francesc Badia i Dalmases
5 HRS AGO - Politicians on both sides of the Catalan independence debate have abjectly failed to calm the Expand
EU divided along U.S.-style blue state, red state lines
6 HRS AGO - The bloc remains locked in simmering crises that cut along geographic Expand
It’s the Russian Revolution’s centenary, but don’t expect Ukrainians to celebrate | Serhii Plokhy
7 HRS AGO - As their Revolution’s centenary nears, Russia’s leaders continue to ignore the lessons of their Expand
7 HRS AGO - Siew Te Wong, a wildlife biologist in Malaysia, has dedicated his life to protecting the sun bear, Expand
7 HRS AGO - CNN Hero Rosie Mashale visits elder orphans in her Cape Town, South Africa, community who benefit Expand
1 HR AGO - The hunt is on to find the infamous leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh Expand
North Korea threatens 'unimaginable strike' on the U.S.
3 HRS AGO - North Korea isn't happy about the U.S. and South Korea conducting drills in the waters around Expand
The Guardian view on Eni Aluko: a well-deserved victory | Editorial
4 HRS AGO - The courage of the England player in exposing racism and standing up the FA ought to move the dial Expand
4 HRS AGO - Journalist Guillermo Galdos speaks to CNN's Clarissa Ward about the devastation he witnessed when Expand
6 HRS AGO - A German airline passenger plane buzzed a control tower in Dusseldorf, Germany, in an attempt to Expand
This Black History Month, let’s try teaching that racism is still with us | Lola Okolosie
6 HRS AGO - The overriding narrative arc of black history in schools is one of long victimhood brought to a Expand
First DREAMer who says Trump border agents wrongly deported him drops lawsuit
7 HRS AGO - Juan Manuel Montes, a DACA enrollee who claimed he was wrongly deported by Border Patrol agents, Expand
7 HRS AGO - Meet Mary, a sun bear rescued as a cub from illegal captivity. Today, she's in the care of CNN Expand

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