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Revealed: the three-word question consuming the world’s biggest brains | Tom Clark
3 HRS AGO - A new survey of leading intellectuals shows many of them are preoccupied by trying to answer: who Expand
Xi Jinping faces backlash in China and around the world
11 HRS AGO - The backlash abroad against President Xi Jinping's China, at least in developed nations, has Expand
American scientist killed in Greece was run over by car and raped
16 HRS AGO - Suzanne Eaton, the American scientist killed in Greece, was raped, police in Crete said Tuesday.
Trump’s ‘go back’ racism is crude, but may be dangerously effective | Afua Hirsch
16 HRS AGO - As we’ve seen in the UK, attacking the identity of people of colour can be a route to political Expand
A man tried to smuggle cocaine under his bad wig. He was detained in Spain
19 HRS AGO - A Colombian man was detained in Barcelona last month for attempting to smuggle more than $33,000 Expand
How did Kim Jong Un get his Mercedes Benzes?
20 HRS AGO - On June 14, 2018, two armored Mercedes-Maybach S600 Guard vehicles were shipped from the Dutch Expand
Amusement ride in India snaps in half, killing two
23 HRS AGO - Amusement Ride in India Snaps in Half, Killing Two        
How the women of NASA made their mark on the space program
1 DAY AGO - As the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing approaches, the women who helped America's early Expand
Iran says minister’s missile remarks meant to challenge US
3 HRS AGO - The Foreign Ministry’s spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, tweeted late on Tuesday that Mohammad Javad Expand
Father-son duo arrested for making fake Ferraris and 'Shamborghinis' in Brazil
11 HRS AGO - Police said the phony Ferraris and Lamborghinis were being offered on social media for $45,000 to Expand
Police charge suspect in the murder of US scientist who disappeared in Greece
16 HRS AGO - Suzanne Eaton disappeared July 2 while jogging, setting off a massive search that ended five days Expand
The Guardian view on Scottish drug deaths: put health and safety first | Editorial
17 HRS AGO - With Scotland’s death rate the highest in the EU, political disagreements must not get in the way Expand
A man tried to smuggle cocaine under his poorly fitted wig. He was detained in Spain
19 HRS AGO - A Colombian man was detained in Barcelona last month for attempting to smuggle more than $33,000 Expand
Police seize missile, guns, Nazi memorabilia in sting tied to far-right extremists in Italy
21 HRS AGO - Police in Italy arrested three men, one of whom had ties to a far-right party, after uncovering a Expand
North Korea floats idea of lifting weapons test moratorium
1 DAY AGO - The Foreign Ministry’s statement appears aimed at applying more pressure on the U.S. as the Expand
Iran's foreign minister says talks on ballistic missiles with US possible
1 DAY AGO - Mohammad Javad Zarif offered an initially high price for such negotiations – the halt of Expand
Beijing education reforms aim to help China's over-worked, over-tested students
9 HRS AGO - Millions of school students have started their long summer vacation this month, but for some the Expand
First female European Commission President elected
13 HRS AGO - Germany's Ursula von der Leyen has been elected as the European Commission's first female Expand
The Guardian view on Donald Trump: a racist in substance and style | Editorial
16 HRS AGO - The US president’s bigotry has a political purpose: to distract voters and energise his base. He Expand
Grisly details emerge in death of US scientist Suzanne Eaton in Greece
18 HRS AGO - A local resident of Crete was charged with murder after admitting he assaulted an American Expand
Hong Kong showed China is a threat to democracy. Now Europe must defend Taiwan | Anders Fogh Rasmussen
20 HRS AGO - Beijing is bullying another democratic neighbour. The EU must stop ignoring authoritarianism for Expand
Scarlett Johansson could ideally play ‘any person’. But our world is far from ideal | Simran Hans
21 HRS AGO - The actor’s comments on casting are unhelpful to marginalised people. Art cannot be ‘immune to Expand
What is happening in America's Cancertown is tragic, immoral and evil | Rev William Barber
1 DAY AGO - Politicians have chosen process over lives and the result has been rampant cancer in the Expand
Is Novak Djokovic the most unloved superstar in tennis?
1 DAY AGO - A thinker and scholar, Novak Djokovic introduced a word probably never heard before in a media Expand

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