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East Valley youth ready to swing into 'Tarzan' musical - East Valley Tribune
3 HRS AGO - East Valley TribuneEast Valley youth ready to swing into 'Tarzan' musicalEast Valley Expand
Humanitarian groups fear aid is being diverted to terrorist group after militant takeover of Syrian province
5 HRS AGO - The recent takeover of the Syrian province of Idlib by an extremist organization has created a Expand
Nearly 300 bodies recovered from Sierra Leone mudslide
7 HRS AGO - Rescuers have recovered nearly 300 bodies following Monday's deadly mudslide on the outskirts of Expand
After Sierra Leone mudslide, nation prepares for mass funerals
8 HRS AGO - More than 600 people are missing, the Red Cross said. The Interior Ministry estimates the Expand
The Guardian view on Donald Trump: beyond the moral pale | Editorial
8 HRS AGO - The US president has gone even further than before in condoning the racist right. He must pay the Expand
Bug burgers? Switzerland says insects are what's for dinner
9 HRS AGO - The sale of insect-based food was made possible by a new law passed here in Expand
I don’t mean to ruin your holiday, but Europe hates tourists – and with good reason | Suzanne Moore
9 HRS AGO - Travel opens our eyes to the world – but it also means closing them. We ignore the hordes of Expand
Trump says Kim Jong Un made 'wise decision' in backing off plan to fire missiles at Guam
11 HRS AGO - It came a day after North Korean state media reported that Kim would watch "the foolish an Expand
Indigenous people call for peace on Guam
13 HRS AGO - The threatened missile attack by North Korea on Guam has prompted calls for peace from the Expand
World to Trump: Stand up against racism
4 HRS AGO - Public figures in Israel, Germany, the UK and elsewhere condemned Donald Trump's latest remarks on Expand
Missing engagement ring found 13 years later wrapped around a carrot
6 HRS AGO - Ring lost in a garden was found 13 years later wrapped around a carrot. Well, this is a new Expand
After the Hobby Lobby scandal, a spotlight on antiquities sales in Israel
7 HRS AGO - Israel is the only country in the Middle East that permits state-licensed antiquities dealers to Expand
Swiss hotel asks Jewish guests to shower before entering pool
8 HRS AGO - A Swiss hotel has been accused of anti-Semitism after a manager reportedly posted signs Expand
North Korea crisis: U.S. to proceed with military exercise that might provoke Kim Jong Un
8 HRS AGO - The U.S.-South Korean exercise, called Ulchi Freedom Guardian, occurs annually and will involve Expand
Insect burgers and bug balls? Switzerland sells insect food
9 HRS AGO - Switzerland is well known for its delicious chocolate, their watches and civilized democracy but Expand
As Confederate statues fall in U.S., Russians are erecting statues for dictator Stalin
11 HRS AGO - On the 80th anniversary of Stalin's 'Great Terror' purge, the late Soviet dictator Expand
Elephants help Nepal tourists escape flooding
13 HRS AGO - Nepalese hotels sent elephants to help stranded tourists ride to safety in a district has been Expand
4 HRS AGO - In Sierra Leone, more than 300 people have died from a deadly mudslide, while 600 remain Expand
New satellite photos show objects on water near potential MH370 crash site
7 HRS AGO - Newly-discovered satellite photos may have given scientists a fresh clue as to the location of Expand
Hundreds return to towns recently retaken by Syrian army
7 HRS AGO - Hundreds return to towns recently retaken by Syrian army Video provided by Expand
'To see Stalin:' Latest WWII film aims to stir up Russians
8 HRS AGO - 'To see Stalin:' Latest WWII film aims to stir up Russians Video provided by Expand
First lady asks for diplomatic immunity over alleged assault
9 HRS AGO - Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe is seeking diplomatic immunity over allegations of assault in Expand
America, with Trump we're on our own
9 HRS AGO - The President has shown he lacks a moral compass on race. Lleadership is going to have to come Expand
The UK government’s border proposals for Ireland are absurd | Fintan O’Toole
10 HRS AGO - The Brexit position paper feels more like an early move in the blame game than a credible plan. Expand
12 HRS AGO - CNN's Clare Sebastian reports on what a new NAFTA deal could look like.

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