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The scene at Marine Le Pen's victory party when she won a spot in France's presidential runoff
5 HRS AGO - As the clock on the main television news channel ticked toward early projected results at 8 p.m., Expand
Even sports news in North Korea is bizarre
8 HRS AGO - The authoritarian state presents itself as an authority on the games people Expand
The man who could be France's next president married his school teacher
9 HRS AGO - It's an improbable love story that, in some countries, would violate social norms.
Top Afghan defense officials resign after Taliban attack that killed more than 100 soldiers
9 HRS AGO - Afghanistan’s defense minister and army chief stepped down Monday amid growing outrage over the Expand
France urged to reject Le Pen in presidential vote runoff
10 HRS AGO - France's defeated political establishment has begun to rally against the far-right leader Marine Expand
North Korea could mark military birthday with nuke, missile test
12 HRS AGO - South Korea's unification ministry said there has been no unusual movement in North Korea as Expand
Mattis visits Afghanistan to reassess America's longest war
13 HRS AGO - U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis made an unannounced trip to Afghanistan to meet with Afghan Expand
Trump and Xi vow to 'strengthen coordination' to denuclearize Korean Peninsula
14 HRS AGO - Xi Jinping said China hopes the parties will "avoid actions that aggravate tensions on the Expand
Netanyahu on Holocaust: 'Hypocrisy is screaming to the sky
15 HRS AGO - Sirens wailed across Israel and thousands marched at Auschwitz on Holocaust Remembrance Expand
Meet the man who could become France's youngest president
7 HRS AGO - After a year of electoral shocks around the globe, France delivered its own surprise when Expand
Raw: Venezuela protesters block roadways
8 HRS AGO - Venezuelans shut down roads and highways in protest against their Expand
U.S. announces sanctions against Syria
9 HRS AGO - United States Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced sanctions against Syria in response to Expand
International Criminal Court filing accuses Philippines' Duterte of carrying out 'national bloodbath
9 HRS AGO - A Filipino lawyer filed a complaint Monday with the International Criminal Court accusing Expand
Don’t assume Marine Le Pen is beaten: it’s delusional, and dangerous, thinking | Natalie Nougayrède
10 HRS AGO - Leftwingers and ultra-conservatives could yet hand the French presidency to the Front National Expand
15 fascinating facts about mysterious North Korea
12 HRS AGO - Here are 15 fascinating facts about North Korea, one of the most isolated nations on Expand
Far-right Le Pen unlikely to pull Trump-like upset win in French election
13 HRS AGO - The anti-EU and anti-immigration candidate will struggle to beat her centrist rival, experts Expand
Mattis: U.S., NATO must confront Russia on Taliban after major attack
14 HRS AGO - Russia, Mattis said, is supplying weapons to the Taliban and must be Expand
China's president is calling for restraint in dealing with North Korea
15 HRS AGO - President Xi Jinping said he hopes all sides will "refrain from taking any action that will Expand
Venezuelans shut down roads and highways in protest against government
7 HRS AGO - Protesters sprawled in lawn chairs, worked on math homework and played cards on main roads around Expand
First malaria vaccine to be widely tested in Africa next year
9 HRS AGO - The World Health Organization announced Monday that it has the go-ahead to try the first malaria Expand
The Guardian view on Egypt’s dictatorship: a war of Sisi’s own making | Editorial
9 HRS AGO - Egyptian forces appear to have shot detainees in cold blood. There are too many signs that a Expand
Pug pups are heading to Pugfest
11 HRS AGO - In London, Pug pups will be flooding the red carpet at the Pugfest Manchester. Alyse Barker Expand
Physicist debunks one Bermuda Triangle theory
12 HRS AGO - We can now safely throw out one theory about how the Bermuda triangle sinks ships. Josh King has Expand
Blast kills American on international monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine
14 HRS AGO - A paramedic on the monitoring mission in eastern Ukraine died and two others were injured after Expand
China's Xi urges Trump to use caution in handling North Korea
14 HRS AGO - Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Monday implored President Trump to show restraint toward North Korea, Expand

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