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Why Dutch voters are about to set the stage for Europe’s elections | Cas Mudde
9 HRS AGO - Whatever the outcome of polls in the Netherlands, populism looks set to emerge as the winnerThe Expand
How Trump's privilege makes him blind to bigotry
13 HRS AGO - By now we should all be accustomed to the way that Donald Trump twists almost everything to make Expand
Hotel fire in China kills at least 10 people
14 HRS AGO - At least 10 people died when a four-story hotel in Nanchang, southeastern China went up in flames Expand
Syrian cinematographer from 'White Helmets' can't enter USA for Oscars
14 HRS AGO - U.S. officials reported “derogatory information” on Khaled Khateeb, denying him Expand
Iraqi forces advance near key area in city's west
17 HRS AGO - Iraqi forces are approaching a key area in western Mosul housing government buildings as they push Expand
Bus collision kills 13 in Argentina
18 HRS AGO - Thirteen people are killed and 34 injured when two buses collided head-on in eastern Argentina, Expand
Refugees who sheltered Snowden now live in fear
20 HRS AGO - Three asylum seeker families who sheltered US whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 say they are Expand
Sri Lankans who once embraced Chinese investment are now wary of Chinese domination
22 HRS AGO - A highway built by China threads almost all the way from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, to Expand
Amazingly, North Korea is making itself even less popular
1 DAY AGO - Malaysia has announced that Kim Jong Nam was killed by VX -- a powerful nerve agent, a small drop Expand
GOP lawmaker: Russia investigation needs special prosecutor
12 HRS AGO - A Republican lawmaker who supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election said a special Expand
More than 300 west Africa migrants rescued off Italian coast
13 HRS AGO - The Spanish NGO 'Proactiva Open Arms' recues 324 migrants off the coast of Italy and brings them Expand
Germany: Man drives vehicle into pedestrians, shot by police
14 HRS AGO - A man armed with a knife was shot and injured by police Saturday after he drove a car into a group Expand
The story of the week is Trump, Russia and the FBI. The rest is a distraction
16 HRS AGO - The White House reportedly tried to influence an active counter-intelligence investigation. All Expand
Official: Suspect thought she used baby oil on Kim Jong Nam
17 HRS AGO - A suspect in the death of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half brother of North Korean dictator Kim Expand
Britain's Parliament building needs a renovation — but at what cost?
18 HRS AGO - U.K. lawmakers need to decide when and how their deteriorating Parliament building will be Expand
Yes we can ... elect Obama president of France?
21 HRS AGO - Could France elect Barack Obama president? Not really -- but that's not stopping the organizers of Expand
Islamic State has been cranking out car bombs on an industrial scale for the battle of Mosul
22 HRS AGO - Lt. Muntathar Ghani had been awake for two days straight, engaged in relentless street fighting Expand
Malaysia airport clear of VX nerve agent, officials say
1 DAY AGO - No one at a Malaysian airport has gotten sick from exposure to VX nerve agent, which police say Expand
Reporter killed while working on the front lines in Mosul
13 HRS AGO - A reporter and anchor for an Iraqi Kurdish TV station was killed Saturday while working on the Expand
Suicide attacks kill dozens in Syrian city of Homs
13 HRS AGO - Suicide attacks targeting two security centers in the regime-held central Syrian city of Homs Expand
Mosul battle: Civilians killed by landmines, police say
14 HRS AGO - More than 50 civilians have been killed or injured by landmines since Friday night as they fled a Expand
Philippine protesters condemn drug war on anniversary of uprising
17 HRS AGO - Thousands of Filipinos took to the streets Saturday to mark the anniversary of the 1986 uprising Expand
Turks push to turn iconic Hagia Sophia back into a mosque
17 HRS AGO - The 1,500-year-old structure, now a museum, has symbolized Turkey's secular Expand
US soldiers help Iraqi troops secure Mosul
18 HRS AGO - CNN's Senior International Correspondent Ben Wedeman reports on progress Iraqis and their American Expand
Official: Suspect paid $90 to attack Kim Jong Nam
22 HRS AGO - Malaysian police say Siti Aisyah, 25, knew what she was Expand
Tom Hardy’s Taboo goes to the heart of our new imperialist darkness | Srecko Horvat
23 HRS AGO - The 19th-century alliance of crown and colonialist corporation exposed by Hardy’s Delaney Expand

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