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Father of 'Serial Street Shooter' suspect has ties to Mexican pop music and 'Breaking Bad
57 MINS AGO - Father of suspect in 'Serial Street Shooter' case in Phoenix has ties to Mexican pop music and Expand
Death toll in Venezuela protest violence rises to 56
6 HRS AGO - The death toll from nearly eight weeks of Venezuelan street protests rose to 56 on Wednesday after Expand
15-year-old Olivia Campbell, whose mother's words brought a nation to tears, is among Manchester's dead
8 HRS AGO - Olivia Campbell’s family asked police not to knock on their door with bad news after the Expand
ISIS claimed responsibility for Manchester bombing. What does it mean?
10 HRS AGO - The Islamic State, one of the world’s deadliest terrorist group, was quick to claim responsibility Expand
Jakarta bus station struck by suspected suicide bombing, police say
11 HRS AGO - A suspected suicide bombing rocked the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Wednesday, police said.
Philippines' Duterte mulls imposing martial law nationwide
11 HRS AGO - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he may impose martial law throughout the nation, after Expand
Novak Djokovic: From career grand slam to 'crisis
12 HRS AGO - Novak Djokovic fell to the clay and looked to the sky — after three hours on court, the elusive Expand
Suicide bomber's father arrested in widening Manchester terrorism investigation
12 HRS AGO - The father and one of the brothers of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people in Manchester have Expand
Did Trump reveal where nuclear subs are to Philippines' Duterte?
13 HRS AGO - A New York Times report reveals President Trump may have told the unpredictable Philippines Expand
Catholics see Trump-Pope meeting as harbinger of common ground
3 HRS AGO - Wednesday's meeting between Donald Trump and Pope Francis sent mixed messages, according to Expand
This castle inspired Disney — and you can climb its tower
7 HRS AGO - Disney may arguably have had one of the most magical minds of all time, but even he based his Expand
Thousands in Belgium protest Trump's stances on issues ranging from reproductive rights to Brexit
9 HRS AGO - Thousands of people with flags, bullhorns and bongos crowded the center of Belgium’s capital Expand
Trump praised The Philippines' deadly crackdown on drugs
11 HRS AGO - The commander-in-chief commended Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's "unbelievable job on the Expand
Manchester bombing victims: Loved ones identify those who died in concert attack
11 HRS AGO - An increasing number of the 22 killed in the terror attack have been identified. Here are their Expand
Trump praises Duterte's deadly drug war in leaked transcript
12 HRS AGO - US President Donald Trump told his Philippines' counterpart that he was doing a good job fighting Expand
Taiwan's high court paves the way for same-sex marriage, a first in Asia
12 HRS AGO - Taiwan’s highest court paved the way Wednesday for Asia’s first law allowing same-sex marriage, a Expand
The Guardian view on Trumpian diplomacy: not up to much | Editorial
12 HRS AGO - The US president’s foreign tour has underlined how inadequate his art of the deal is when handling Expand
South Korea opened fire at tense border zone. Turns out incursion was North Korean balloons
13 HRS AGO - The slow-moving, unidentified object flying over South Korea’s border on Tuesday afternoon caused Expand
Bloodshed, fires and chaos as thousands march in Brazil to demand president's ouster
5 HRS AGO - Tens of thousands of Brazilians descended on Brasilia, the capital, on Wednesday, setting fires, Expand
Manchester United's Europa League win brings smile to city
8 HRS AGO - Manchester needed something to celebrate after this week's suicide Expand
We’ve read the Pope’s encyclical on climate change. In case Trump skips it, here's what it says
10 HRS AGO - Pope Francis had a not-so-subtle gift for President Trump when they met at the Vatican on Expand
Manchester bomber visited Libya weeks before attack
11 HRS AGO - The 22-year-old behind the deadly bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was linked to Expand
Evil losers'? That's all you got, President Trump?
12 HRS AGO - President Donald Trump says the killers behind the suicide bombing in Manchester are "evil losers."
The Pope gives Trump a little homework
12 HRS AGO - For world leaders, going to meet the Pope might feel something like being sent to the principal's Expand
Italy's prime minister lobbies Trump to open U.S. to more migrants
12 HRS AGO - According to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni’s office, the two leaders focused their Expand

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